Low volumes, small batches

Small batches

We’re not a big manufacturing operation, but what we can do is manufacture small runs of varying parts and body parts. Our advantage is that we are suited to small volumes (1, 2, 3, 6, 10 items at a time), like the copper water pipe assemblies (left), which are New Aston Martin DB2 grilleoften far to small for larger enterprises to get involved with.

We do not have industrial size machinery or tooling but have often found we are able to target those awkward ‘handmade’ items, like the Aston Martin DB2 grilles (right) or mouldings that fall between pure one-offs and the heavily produced parts, often outside of the UK. The parts we work with are still quite specialist and unique – but this is where our skills lay – handmade, low volume, small batch, rare parts.


Working with brass


Brasswork for DB2 grilleMany of the parts we produce for Aston Service Dorset are made from brass, the DB2 grilles, rear light plinths, mouldings etc. Although we have had things chromed in the past we normally now just concentrate on the brasswork and leave the chroming, packaging and selling to the client. We also try and minimize the amount chromers need to do, which is why we prefer to polish parts because some areas are delicate. Over the years we’ve repaired and made new many brass items common in the vintage car world. This has allowed us to broaden into other realms such as antique work another area where these skills are required.


Jig and Tool Fabrication


Although much of our work is handmade we still use jigs and tooling, especially when fabricating parts. Jigs are crucial and although they can often take more time to build than the actual item they certainly help make the production process easier.

There’s a fine line when working with small batches however; do you invest heavily in jigs and tooling or just rely on making the items as you go – custom made? Well, whatever way is best we’re able to employ both scenarios, if the figures don’t warrant investment into jigs then we can certainly look at the alternative, an advantage we find when looking at small volumes. We also often have to work to a design, technical drawing or even, and more often than not, just an original item(s) which is quite normal in the vintage car/antique worlds!

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