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Period: Early 2000’s
Coachwork/Panelling By: Specialist Historic Panels, Don Standhaft with Matt Edley

Coachbuilding an Aston Martin 2litre drophead tourer

I built two Aston Martin 2 litre Tourer’s for this client.

The first commission was a compete re-panel but somewhat different to a standard build. In addition the client requested the underside of the timber frame to be completely clad in aluminium, and to anyone who’s done that it is quite a lot of work.

Apparently the car was sold just before it left to go to the Louis Vuitton car show. Under the new ownership I heard it went on to do rather well.

Panelling the timber underside of an Aston Martin 2litre drophead tourer

The second car’s build was exactly the same as the first apart from the panelling on the underside of the timber frame.

We were all extremely happy with the end result of both cars.

Apart from these two drophead tourers we also re-panelled the body of this Aston Martin International for the same client.

Don Standhaft

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