Vintage car coachwork

A coachbuilt vintage Lagonda

Although we at DMark concentrate on the panelling, metal frame, minor timber work, bracketry, some chassis work, bodywork furniture, gapping and presentation we are able to work and coordinate closely with vintage engineers, a painter, trimmers and timber coachbuilders and can organise and estimate for projects which include all the coachbuilding trades.

The Lagonda pictured (left) however was entirely coachbuilt by us a few years ago.


We make aluminium and steel skins

Aluminium body skin

Building aluminium or steel body skins are really our bread and butter. Over the years we have produced work of every kind, complexity and size. Whether it’s minor repairs, a restoration, new-builds, a timber or metal frame we have the knowledge, skills and experience to accomplish the job to the highest standards.

The body skin in sections pictured (left) is one of our lagonda V12 Le Mans builds, to see more visit our extensive Lagonda online photo gallery.


Steel frame fabrications

Vintage car framework

We have built numerous frames for vintage vehicles including this 1919 Ballot (left). Often made in steel they can be complicated jobs, the framework in the Ballot was just as much work as the aluminium skin!


Making new or adjusting old bracketry

Vintage car bracketry

The outer skin always looks impressive it’s first thing the eye is rightly drawn too. But underneath those long sweeping Vander Plas wings are the brackets. A fair amount of our labour has been spent on bracketry on previous builds.

The bracket set pictured (left) is for a Bentley 3 Litre ash body frame. You can see more of this build in our online photo gallery.


Fabricating custom & standard sized fuel tanks

Bentley speed six fuel tank

On occasions we are commissioned to build fuel tanks like this custom stainless steel fuel tank for a Bentley Speed Six (left).

We have also fabricated aluminium versions, and have even used pre-tinned steel in the past although that is getting harder to source nowadays.

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