Handmade DB2, DB2/4 MK1 & Mk2 Lightweight Grille

Aston Martin DB2 Front Grille

Apart from the standard Aston Martin DB2 and DB2/4 MK1 & Mk2 grilles we can make a lightweight version with half the number of horizontal slats. This is obviously lighter and helps increase cooling, particularly for car used for racing.

See this photo example of a lightweight racing grille on a DB2.

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Aston Service Dorset | +44 01202 574727 Aston Service Dorset are the officially appointed manufacturers and distributors of genuine parts for all Aston Martin cars 1948 – 1963 and David Brown Lagonda’s.
DMark Concepts manufacture genuine Aston Martin parts exclusively for Aston Service Dorset.

See standard Aston Martin DB2 grille photos in our parts galleries with more information on our DB2 grille page.

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