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Lagonda V12 one-off body style

Although the majority of our work is already ‘one-off’. In this section, I suppose, we’re trying to express ourselves to those people with projects that might require our skills and depth of experience in new ways, maybe even out side of the vintage car world.

Have you always dreamt of a ‘one-off’ body style, something unique, hand-crafted, niche? This Lagonda V12 Le Mans (left) – affectionately know as the ‘Gunville Special’ after Tarrant Gunville where the body was built and where we were based for 20 years – has a ‘one-off’ aluminium body styled by us, the only Lagonda V12 Le Mans in the world with this body. Certainly not standard, but a project like this, you have to say, will always carry that wow factor!


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Ferrari sharknose unique request

Austin Healey 3000 polished aluminium gearbox coverSo you have a unique idea, shape, object, project, sculpture and want to make it reality? We have had a few requests of this nature in the past, it’s always refreshing to hear other peoples ideas and in some cases such as our polished Austin Healey 3000 aluminium gearbox covers (right) one unique idea has spawned into a little niche sector.

Maybe it’s just a panel, a teardrop, a different shape, a different design or fitting let us know your ideas. If you’re wondering what the Ferrari sharknose panel (left) was all about you can find out a little more here.


Conceptual pieces

One off custom Bentley turbo manifolds

Sometimes clients have come to us needing a more creative way to overcome a problem, like these turbo manifolds for a 1924 Bentley (left) which needed to be flatter over the top of the engine yet maintain the same amount of volume inside. Jay Leno the American comedian talk show host now owns this car, see a video about it in Jay Leno’s Garage.

Although having only worked on small pieces for artists we’d like to do more in that field. We often have to work from cardboard mock ups and are asked to improve and create a real metal equivalents. One of our former employees Steve Bodrog who now lives in Australia and works in sculpture using his metalworking skills to create beautiful pieces. We love the shapes he creates and would like to do more work like this ourselves.

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