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George Bowers (Reliance Tool & Mfg),

We liked the two front fender mouldings that your company made for our [1952 Drophead] Lagonda. The fit was real good, the workmanship was superior, the mouldings are now at our custom chrome shop.

Matt Philip,

G’day Don, I look back on the time I spent with you on Wednesdays in that little shed [Actually it was quite big by UK standards, we’re not in Australia mate! – Ed] at Tarrant Gunville with a great deal of pleasure. I came to England to do a motor vehicle restoration course at the Poole college, which for the most part did not live up to its promises. This was more than ofset by the time spent in your company [Don originally joined the course to give specialist input but later began to teach and run all the practical aspects – Ed]. While I will never reach your standard I came away with a greatly increased understanding of what was involved and what was acheivable with a panel which has broadened the scope of what I can do in my work and my hobby. For this I thank you.

Mark Cooke (Mark Cooke Racing),

I contacted Don Standhaft after seeing one of his Austin Healey 3000 polished aluminium gearbox covers in a article in Classic and Sports Cars magazine.

Don is a very skilled aluminium fabricator who has the ability to do complex body restorations and fabrications, Don has done several commissions for me and I have been very pleased with the finished product.

Roger Forshaw (Aston Service Dorset, Director),

Don Standhaft is a serious and skilful man. I would have no hesitation in recommending his work to anyone requiring panel work or fabrication.

Sufficient to say that our business relationship with Don would not have survived for approaching twenty years had we not been completely satisfied that his work would always meet our own exacting standards and those of our customers.

John Vickery (McKenzie Guppy, Director),

We have enjoyed a harmonious working relationship, he has carried out our and the customers wishes, using his extensive knowledge of a large range of materials that have been used in vintage vehicle production, and has even kind enough to teach us such skills as we were required to carry out our work to a greater level.

We are happy to be counted amongst those that have benefited from this arrangement and are able to forward his name to any that are seeking a professional metal working specialist.

Mathew Edley,

As a student and an employee I never once saw him compromise the quality of the work. The skills that Mr. Standhaft taught me have stood me in good stead; his ethic of job first to the best of your ability will be with me always.

John Handford (Handfords Garage),

Don is a man who has sought to improve his product to the highest quality over the years. To sum up, seeing is believing, so if any doubt is to mind then let the learned pundits who know skill when they see it, pass on judgement.

Philip Neate (Tech Eng.),

Don Standhaft is in my opinion capable of making anything out of metal or aluminium for a vintage or classic car to the highest possible standard and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for quality metal work.

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