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Metalworking Skills

Silver Soldering, Soft Soldering & Brazing
Used on a wide verity of jobs most notably on antiques and the Aston Martin bodywork parts.
Tin and Leading
Accomplished and experienced in lead-work, used on steel and some antiques.
Fabrication is obviously a large part of all our work and demonstrated most clearly with the Aston Martin parts we make for Aston Services.
Pattern, Jig, Buck & Template Making
Another vital part of what we do. Templates and patterns are often taken from old or damaged panels and used to mark-out on the new material. Jig-making usually means metal-work fabrication in mild steel or aluminium depending on the task at hand, and bucks are more often than not made from wood.
I will usually work on the early panelling stages which might include some annealing, forming, wheeling, planishing, folding, cutting and general shaping before my Dad takes over.
MIG and stick welding.
Metalwork Finishing
Papering, sanding, wet and dry, polishing are all pretty much employed in all of our work in one way or another, some take longer than others and it depends on the clients requirements. Polishing for example requires all these processes.
In depth knowledge and experience of how our work is ordered, formed and constructed. 15 years experience.

Information Technology

Languages, Applications, Services and Development
Accomplished PC user with knowledge of HTML, HTML5, CSS, JQuery, WordPress, DotNetNuke, Amazon Web Services, Google Apps and cloud services. Web development, online services and architecture. Advance user of Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel and other applications.

Other Interests

Director and owner of Entryweb an Online Entry System for cycling events.
Event Organiser
Developed and ran the Wessex Cycle Racing League organising over 40 cycling events.

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