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We’ve now updated our Emblem Sports Car Pimperne gallery archive with more photos of cars Don helped build and style during his time with the specialist Ferrari garage in Pimperne, Blandford Forum during the 1980’s.

Tim Bate who now runs the reincarnated Emblem Sports Cars in Bournemouth has kindly allowed us to use some of their old pictures on our site who were in fact given to him by the late John Woodfield’s wife Maria, the original Emblem Sports Cars (UK) proprietors from the 1970’s through to the late 1980’s.

The Ferrari 512BB “Boxer” above completes our existing collection of photos we already had of this modified supercar so it’s really cool we now have a good quality photo of the finished vehicle.

We’ve also added more photos of Prince Naif’s customised Ferrari 308 GTS QV. In fact this car came back to Emblem a year later for more modifications, air intakes on the lower rear wheel arch were added amongst other subtle changes. You can now see both sets of changes in our updated photo album.

The Saudi’s loved their customised supercars and so we’ve added a small collection of Mercedes 500 SEC AMG photos from the mid 1980’s. Dad tells me they had to send away most of the interior to be gold plated! Although I’m not sure how much bodywork modifications there were on this car

To cap of this round of updates we’ve also added a couple of photos of a Lamborghini Miura restoration Dad did at Emblem did during this period.

- Mark

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We’ve just added another album to our Bentley photo gallery archive – the Bentley S3 album.

The bodywork on both these Bentley S3’s needed a fare amount of attention – leadwork in particular. The boys at McKenzie Guppy drafted Don in to complete the bodywork, part of a wider restoration. Both cars now look exquisite and form part of the Hawthorns Wedding Car fleet. For more photos and hiring details see Hawthorns Wedding Cars.

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We’ve added a host of new photos to the Sunbeam gallery.

A few years ago we were commissioned to make the wings, undertray and running boards on this exceptional 1912 Edwardian Sunbeam. The owner bought it at auction and has since overseen this marvellous restoration. Now in his personal collection we have been allowed to update our online gallery with this new set of photos I took recently.

- Mark

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We’ve now added even more photos to the Lagonda V12 Le Mans ‘Gunville Special’ album. They include the construction of the aluminium body and bonnet as well as those chassis and suspension covers or ‘bombs’ we added a couple of days ago.

This build was a special one-off, one of five Lagonda V12 le Mans replica’s we’ve built for Joe Harding.

The ‘Gunville Special’ incorporated a number of unique features namely a two part bodywork assembly you won’t see on other Le Mans V12’s. You can find out more in our project write up.

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