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An old friend has found over 50 more photos of some of our previous projects including this Talbot Ten Tourer we did some years ago. Over the next week we’ll be adding these newly discovered photos to our online photo galleries, so make sure you check back regularly.

Navigate to our Talbot photo gallery to see these new snaps which include some of a new pair of aluminium door skins, panel repairs and other coachwork to this Ten Tourer.

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We have recently added a small set of photos of a pair of steel front wings for a 1930 Sunbeam 18.2 FHC during their construction. The photo’s were taken by our client when we were offering them onto his car. They clearly show the different sections that make up the wing by the heat lines created when each section was gas welded together. We rarely use welding rod when gas welding panel sections together.

The louvred bonnet photo shows it being tailored to the car before a final fit and paper-up.

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During December 2011 McKenzie Guppy asked us to look at these Lucas P100 Headlights for a Bentley Speed Six. The bezels and bowls all had small dents plus various areas that needed attention and overhauling.

Due to the way these lights were constructed dismantling the entire bezels to reach some of the dents would have meant a lot more extra work, not necessarily tapping out the dents, but disassembling and reassembly. To get around that we solder filled the low spots. When the repairs were finished we carefully polished the brass ready for copper plating. After plating all functions and gapping was checked and we then polished the items again in preparation for the nickel plating.

The solder used sets very hard and is more suited to repairs prior to chrome or plating than regular soft solders. Softer solders may become hot and unstable when polished because of the heat generated. Great care was taken when hand polishing these headlights.

More information and photo’s of these Lucas P100 Headlight repairs can be found in our photo gallery.

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A good friend of ours is restoring an old Triumph Tunderbird and he needed the rear mudguard looking at. It was easier to replace the end section so we made a new panel and welded it into place rather than spending longer trying to resurrect the existing metal. There were some other worn areas but they only required minor attention.

You can now see more photos of this Triumph Tunderbird rear mudguard in our online gallery.

We have in the past repaired and made good quite a lot of motorcycle bodywork so if you need anything looking at please send us a photo and get in touch.

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We have just added five more photos to the 1935 Bentley Thrupp Maberly Darby Drop Head Coupe album showing the new timber work before we started panelling plus more of the car at our premises during coachwork. All the timber work was skilfully constructed by the carpenter David Partridge who has kindly allowed us to use these photos.

David also reminded us of a small aluminium body skin we fabricated for his Bullnose Morris Sports Special and has supplied four new photos of that job three of the new timber frame and one with the new skin.

As we were in “photo discovery mode” we found another snap of the green Lagonda V12 Le Mans replica we built with the 1935 Bentley (above) in the background back in our Gunville workshop during the 1990’s now one of over 130 Bentley photographs of our work to vintage Bentley’s.

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Now you can now send us a photo or file directly from this website when you email us on our contact us page. We think this is particularly useful to those of you who want us to take a quick look at your project whether that’s a new set of wings to copy, a re-skin or even a small repair job so get snapping; sometimes a picture says it all!

When you email us, just click “Choose File” to select a file (.jpeg, .pdf, .png, .zip, .doc, .docx etc).

- Mark

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An old colleague of ours David Partridge is in the process of restoring a 1933 Riley Lynx drophead tourer and asked us to re-skin the doors. A nice relatively simple job and one of many aluminium door skins we have re-skinned over the years.

See more photos of these new tailored skins in the Riley parts gallery.

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We now make the central brass bonnet moulding seen on the Aston Martin DB2 cars. Fabricated exclusively for and sold by Aston Service Dorset this moulding is lead filled, polished brass and made to the original Aston Martin drawings.

See our projects page for more information or to contact Aston Service Dorset directly for sales. Photo’s have also been added in our parts gallery.

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A slightly later version of the DB2/4 radiator fan cowling with a different bridging piece. The shields are exactly the same, the bridging part supersedes the first model because the radiator outlet had been repositioned.

More information

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Two new additions to the Aston Martin parts we fabricate exclusively for Aston Service Dorset.

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